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The Fumarole of Sant'Angelo

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Fumarole, hot sand up to 100°

Just a short walk from S. Angelo and the thermal gardens Aphrodite Apollon, on one of the most warm thermal flanks of the island, in a small section of Maronti, spew for centuries the breath of Tifeo from the depths of the ground. This is a most interesting phenomenon resulting from the volcanic activity of Ischia: the Fumarole. From the ground in this area a great thermal energy emanates and produces clouds of vapour in the external atmosphere and bubbles of gas in the ocean at about 100°C, observable with a submarine mask a few meters from the shore.
Since the times of Romans, the warm sand was used to cure body pains through sand-baths a pallet is dug with one's hands, one lies down and covers the whole body with sand, leaving only the head out.Over the course of the centuries these thermal waters had many uses, the heat being used even for culinary needs.

Useful advises

If you want to spend a special evening, don't break the appointment with stars, chicken, potatoes and eggs to cook under the sand at 100° of Fumarole. Sure enough self service. Buy chicken, herbs, 1kg of coarse salt, put all under the sand at 100°, one hour later, it's ready! During the warm period, while you wait for cooking, you can have bath under the moonlight so to taste a good and original island dish.

How to reach Fumarole

The Fumarole can be reached on foot from S. Angelo by following a road designated for pedestrians which links the town to Maronti beach in onlyn 10 minutes. If you desire, there is also a Taxi service available by sea which departs from S. Angel's port..

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