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Mediterranean Suburb of S. Angelo

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Mediterranean suburb of Sant'Angelo

Sant' Angelo, an ancient fishermen suburb, set at the foot of the municipality of Serrara Fontana and so in contact with sea. Sant' Angelo is a large rock linked to the island through a small strip of land, stretched on the sea with a piece of dark sand, showing a volcanic nature. In its neighborhood there are thermal waters: famous for Terme Cavascura, a hydrological natural basin dug into the rock, with caves and falls, by the hill sides thermal water flows to feed the Terme Giardino Aphrodite, place of joy and dream, along the beach that leads to Marina di Maronti, were Fumarole are set. In the hearth of the country, S. Angelo is famous as tourist destination, national and international: the well known square, overlooking the sea and the port dock, offers special moments thanks to the beautiful panorama and the sound of the sea. Surrounded by stores, boutiques, restaurants and bar, seems a small Capri. From the port it’s possible to make trips around the island by boats to admire the beauty of Ischia. Available also a taxy boat service from S. Angelo to Maronti, Cavascura and vice versa, or to the beautiful and charming bay of Sorgeto, where during the way, it’s possible to admire the nice Elephant grotto (grotta dell’elefante).

How to reach Sant' Angelo d' Ischia

Sant' Angelo is reachable by two different ways. Disembarking to Ischia Porto there are two bus lines, one to Casamicciola Terme, Lacco Ameno and Forio, and one to Barano, Ischia, Serrara. Both stop to Sant’Angelo, in the large square in front of, called Cava Grado.
BY CAR:From Ischia, follow the directions to Casamicciola - Lacco Ameno - Forio Sant' Angelo. Near to the entrance of the suburb of Sant' Angelo three parking at visitors disposal.

The poet Neruda in Sant'Angelo

In 1950’s, two lovers, a dream Island, a story of exile, passion and nature contemplation. And if one of two is a poet, the trip in Ischia becomes a source of inspiration. It’s the story by Pablo Neruda and his loving Matilda, who live in Ischia, romantic days between sea and sun, forgetting the desire to return and the homesickness…



Municipality: Serrara Fontana
CAP: 80070
Area: 669 ectar
Inhabitants: 3060
City hall: tel. 0819048801
Loc. Sant' Angelo:
Superficie: 150 ettari
Abitanti: 600
Bus lines: CS - CD - 1 - 9


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