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Church of Immacolata

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The Immaculate Conception Church, originally dedicated to St. Antonio of Padova. It was founded in 1703. Destroyed by the earthquake of 28 lugliol883, was rebuilt and reopened for worship in 1855 under the title "Church of Maria SS. Lmmacolata". There was the worshiped, in fact, for the Immaculate and the church had and still has a wooden sculpture of the Neapolitan school of 700, solemnly crowned on August 3 1954 with a golden crown (the work of the goldsmith G. Visconti di Napoli), placed on the face of the Virgin by Cardinal Celso Costantini, being then rector canon Don Antonio Schiano. On the altar of marble, we find the statue of the Immaculate. Statues of St. Vincent Ferrer (seventeenth century), St. Giuseppe (1924), St. Antonio (XVII). All around, the stained glass windows depicting scenes from the life of Madonna.
Mappa della Chiesa dell'Immacolata


Address: Calata Sant'Antonio Sentinella
Town: 80074 - Casamicciola Terme
Holy Masses hours: sun 9:00
Priest: Canonical Pasquale Castagna
Bus lines: 14 - 3 - 4

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