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Church of the Nativity of Our Lady

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The Russo Family in the first half of the XVII century, founded the church with two cells for hermits. The church, dedicated to Our Lady of Montevergine, was expanded in early 800 by a certain hermit Baldino. The altar and the balustrade removed in recent times, with the coat of arms Siniscalchi, were colored marble, dating from the mid eighteenth century. The stucco plasterer Dominico Savino, decorated the walls and ceiling and still can be seen in garlands of ivy, oak, roses and stars. On the altar hung a painting of the Madonna and Saints of the eighteenth century that is still exposed to the veneration of the faithful. Generally the church was closed and when opened , welcomed pilgrims from all over the islands of Ischia and Procida, on the Celebration of September 8 (Nativity of Mary), went on numerous hill Schiappone. Before March 15, 1953, when Bishop E. De Laurentis raised it to the parish with the title of Santa Maria di Montevergine and gave the young priest, Don Luigi Di Iorio who took possession on next March 19, the church belonging to Schiappone was served by hermits.
Mappa della Chiesa della Natività della Madonna


Address: Loc. Schiappone
City Hall: 80070 - Barano
Holy Masses hours: sun 10:00
Priest: Don Aniello Pascale
Bus lines: 11 - 10 - 5 - 6 - CD - CS


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