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Church of San Domenico

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The church of San Domenico, classified by the Superintendency of Monuments, as "rocky church" in the fifteenth century. There, in fact, was open in the XVcentury. There, in fact, opened a convent of Dominicans in 1469. The Dominicans lived there about two centuries, until the middle of 600 when they had to leave the convent because the community did not reach the minimum number of three people, just the bull of Innocent X of October 15, 1652. The present church, however, is not that one of the fifteenth century because it was partially destroyed by an earthquake in 1557. It has undergone many renovations. The current Central cona results from an extension between the end of the 60s or early 70s of the XIX century, the left aisle is evident as seen by the most recent different structure. After these additions, the church was blessed by Bishop Felice Romano. The last renovation took place in the years 1983/84 and was consecrated by Bishop Antonio Pagano on May 27, 1990. The painting of the Madonna del Rosario, that is now at the center of the cona is the most ancient that there is in this church.
Mappa della Chiesa di San Domenico


Address: Via Vecchia Cartaromana
City Hall: 80077 - Ischia
Holy Masses hours: dom 19:00
Priest: Don Carlo Candido
Bus lines: 15 - 8 - C12 - C13


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