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Santa Lucia church

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The church has a very simple façade with a portal in brickwork, an oculus at the center and ends with a rectangular pediment. On the left there is a bell tower. The plant has a Latin cross with one nave, with a cruise on the side of the entrance. The prospectus is divided into three parts by a pair of slender pilasters. The central part is completed by a triangular pediment, while there are two newsstands to sideways. Inside, two circular windows illuminate the interior. The ceiling is flat, with two chapels near the entrance covered with a barrel vault.

Historical Info

D'Ascia (1867) said that the church was originally a stable for oxen owned by D'Ambra. One day he was wounded in one eye from the horn of an ox, and made a vow to St. Lucia to transform the barn into a church dedicated to the saint if he recovered without losing their sight from the eye hurt. Other people of Forio contributed to the construction of the church, who built the house and two side chapels. In 1774 became the parish of St. Anthony with the authority to administer the sacraments and the dying village of Monterone. Destroyed by an earthquake in 1883, was rebuilt in very simple shapes. According to a story reported by D'Ascia in the church of S. Lucia, a place of asylum, he fled and remained imprisoned for twelve years a woman, Caterina D'Ambra, guilty of eleven soldiers killed to avenge the death of the deaf-mute brother, killed by a cop.
Mappa della Chiesa di Santa Lucia


Address: Via Monterone
City Hall: 80075 - Forio
Age of foundation: XVII cent.
Date: 1646
Holy Masses hours: sun 9:00
Priest: Don Pasquale Sferratore
Bus lines: 1 - 14 - 2 - CD - CS

Objets d'art


  • Madonna con Bambino e S. Lucia unknown author



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