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Costantina Tower

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At the heart of the medieval center of Forio, built on a rocky bank of tufa, stands the tower called "Constantine" built in the sixteenth century. A bulwark and defense against pirate raids of the homes that they switched around. It is currently used as a residence by individuals and was dwelling in the past, artists such as Lelo Fiaux. It has a circular shape with a flat terraced and once hemispherical. The walls are green tuff stone and the floor is beaten lapillus. Outside is decorated with two bulls in lava rock, the first time at the height of the hemispherical off the upper from the lower, while the second surrounds the cover. The tower is accessed through the adjacent garden, where rustic columns arranged along the avenue, supporting the pergola, by way 'of the lattice, the cylindrical frames. For the fall of the external plaster, at the base, you can clearly see the wall in stone, which, in the parts most exposed, shows signs of erosion caused by wind and sea salt. The floor is of beaten lapillus. The ring of the bull in lava rock, at the height of the attack once hemispherical off the floor, perfectly cylindrical, from the lower, slightly shoe, without frameworks. The roof of the tower is flat, surrounded by a second bull on which are grafted short shelves, remaining parts of the crowning cornice. Near the entrance on the right side, which is located a stone, however, is only visible emblem. Back on the road instead of going back further to the left until you reach the intersection with the road to San Vito. 150 meters. on the right just before the Basilica of St. Vitus is the tower of St. Vitus

Historical info

The guard tower, a circular plan, part of the first group of defensive buildings.
Mappa Torre Costantina


Place:  via Costantina.
chronology: second half of the sixteenth century.
original destination: tower defense and refuge.
current destination: home.
Property: private (di Alfredo Ruggiero).
Leggi di tutela: n. 1497 del 1939.
Plan: circular.
Roof: plain to the terrace.
Vaults and roof:hemispheric vault.
Scale: in wood.
masonry techniques: stone masonry in green tuff.
Floor:in the lapillus chopped
external decorations: torus in lava stone.
State of preservation: good
Juridical condition: private property


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