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Tower of Panza

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A square, flat roof and pavilion vault, the tower has a ground floor in brick, with the base slope slightly. The scoring is replaced by brackets connected by arches that support the balcony overhanging the first floor. The edges are reinforced with lava stones, the masonry is in tufa and volcanic stone, the floors in lapillus.

Historical Info

The tower was part of a group of three towers built in the village of Panza in defense against attacks by pirates. It was built opposite the church of S. Leonardo to offer refuge to the inhabitants of the center, which he financed the building. Of the other two towers, one called "Zi Palmuntè" near Casa Polito and the third house in the village square Migliaccio, only ruins remain. Other towers were built and refuge on the outskirts of the village, a town in the Battle House, another on the way to suck. The tower has undergone many changes and renovations, especially the first and second floor, making it difficult to identify. It now houses a bar and a private residence on the first and second floor.
Mappa Torre di Panza


Type: Tower
Place: Panza
Address: Strada Statale Forio-Serrara Fontana
Century Foundation: XVI
Date: 1540-1560
State of preservation: poor


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