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The tower stands in the street, was built thanks to the university donation at the beginning of XVI century, has served as a watchtower and defense tower. It was equipped with various guns one of which remained there until 1787 used to shoot blanks in the days of major religious holidays.
At the end of last century, the city donated it to the sculptor Giovanni Maltese (1852-1913) who adapted it as his home and studio. Today it houses the Museum dedicated to the sculptor.
There are works that the sculptor had with him at the time of death. The British painter's wife Fanny Jane Fayrer (1851 Cumberwell Forio 1926), gave the tower, the town of Forio before he died.

Objets d'art


  • Pidocchiosi by Maltese Giovanni
  • Pescatore, contadino, borgheseby Maltese Giovanni
  • Naufragio di Agrippina by Maltese Giovanni
  • Naufrago by Maltese Giovanni
  • Donna anziana by Maltese Giovanni
  • Donna con orecchini by Maltese Giovanni
  • Giovane donna del popolo by Maltese Giovanni
  • Pescatore foriano by Maltese Giovanni
  • Uomo con la pipa by Maltese Giovanni


  • Autoritratti by Maltese Giovanni
  • Ritratto di Jane Fanny Fayrer by Maltese Giovanni
  • Giovane efebo by Maltese Giovanni

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