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Giardini La Mortella

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Giardini La Mortella

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About Giardini La Mortella

William Walton (Oldham, England, 1902 - Forio d'Ischia 1983) was one of the main British music composer of the 20th century. The artist settled in Forio, a picturesque suburb of the island of Ischia, where died in 1983. ‘La Mortella’ is a splendid garden, nowadays open to the public, created by Susana Walton, William’s wife. In 1956 the famous landscape architect Russell Page planed the garden, set on the picturesque volcanic rocky settlements. La Mortella is divided into two parts: a lower garden, called ‘Valle’ and a more high one set on the top of a hill. The entire area stretches on about 2 hectares and hosts inside a rich collection of more than 3000 specimens of rare and exotic plants. Several sets of huge orchids, palms, cycas and tree ferns in tropical greenhouses. Great ability for a great flora in the garden design, rich in fountains, water pools, papyrus, lotus and tropical water lilies. The different zones of the garden are linked to many paths that lead to on the top, up to the amazing sights overlooking the bay of Forio.
A part of the garden, rich in splendid lotus, hosts the Sala Thai, a meditation area, a pleasant stop to relax yourself. Inside the museum you find a prestigious collection of images by Cecil Beaton, the photo artist of the 20th century avant-garde. Also the great designer Lele Luttazzi has given his tribute, realizing a colourful farce. At visitors disposal, there is a tearoom, shop and free parking. The garden is equipped to host the disabled. During the year, classical music performances in collaboration with national and international music schools delight the magic Mortella nights.

How to reach us:

The garden is situated in the municipality of Forio, near to the beach of San Francesco, loc. Zaro.
  • Bus:
    From Ischia, Casamicciola and Lacco Ameno line CS, from Forio line CD or Giraforio line B.
  • By sea:
    Hydrofoils from Naples, Molo Beverello or Mergellina to Ischia Porto or Forio. Ships from Napoli or Pozzuoli to Ischia Porto or Casamicciola Terme.
  • Bus and ship timetable, on Here.
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