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The Zaro wood

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In the northwestern area of Ischia there is the volcanic center of Zaro which represents one of the few cases of historic and prehistoric volcanic activity which took place near the depression making up a part of the island (graben d'Ischia). This activity resulted in the formation of several lava domes (Mount Marecoco and Caccaviello) and in the very viscous lava bed of Zaro which dates back 10,000years. This lava bed covers a surface of about 1.2 km, is 1500m in lenght, is 800-1000 m wide and about 100 m high. The base of this flux and the underlying level of fallen pumices, results of the same eruption, are visible to the East, on the left side of the beach of S. Montano. When observing the lava close by one notices large clear crystal of 'sanidino', a mineral of potassium and aluminium. It is on this foundation of granite rock over several years and formed one of the most enchanting gardens of the Mediterranean Sea.

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