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The Magdalene wood

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The Magdalene wood is located less than a kilometer away from the Centre of Casamicciola at the borders of the municipalities of Ischia and Barano. It is endowed with two entrances: one in Castiglione area, and the other from Fondo d'Oglio reachable via Buonopane. The whole area has a total area of 450,000 square meters. Built on volcanic soils, of volcano logical, geological and botanist interest. The climate is mild and promotes a kind of evergreen vegetation.
Support of the forest is Mount Rotaro, a hill whose name derives from the word corruption of crater i.e. chalky soil. It is a dormant volcano, whose current form is due to ca. 400 years of volcanic activity. The first eruption there was approximately 700 years B.C. The area is divided into two distinct biotypes forestry: the forest of Holm oak and pine forests of Pine, you can see: the "horse tooth " common mosses plant of genus tropical, Strawberry trees, ferns.

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