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About Galleria Eloart

The Gallery Eloart was founded in 1998 by Eva Eleonore Sachs ecletic artist (sculptor and painter), lover of art, with the direction of another artist painter, Raffaella Bacarelli. Their main purpose is to promote and support the careers of established artists, young and old in all disciplines of art.
The Gallery hosts the largest exhibition space of Campania, organizes exhibitions in collaboration with the municipalities and Government agencies. The main personnel was dedicated to the following artists: Raffaele Di Meglio, Luigi Giuseppe, Paper Cup, Rolf Feddern Guarini, Mario, Jean-Marie Manzoni, Gabriele Mattera, Mariolino, Elsa Morales, Chihiro Shimotani, Enzo Rando, Gianni Castagnoli, and this year, Andy Warhol, Alexander Gianvenuti.
Artists who took place in numerous exhibitions : Nuccio Fontanella, Pious People, Taki, Giovanni De Angelis Giovanni Di Costanzo, Raffaele Di Meglio, Francesco Miranda, and many others.
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Forio - 80075
Via Marina, 12/30
+39 Tel. 0815071314
Fax: +39 0815071314
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