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Belvedere Punta Imperatore

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Romantic solitude of an ancient Lantern

Punta Imperatore is reached by a road which follows the old mountain path. Not easy for transit of cars and rather tiring if walking route. On the summit of the promontory, where is located also a lighthouse overlooking the sea, you can see the exterior of the town centre of Forio, the coast from Citara comes to the little church of Soccorso, as well as the valleys and hills from the sea up to the Summit of Mount Epomeo.
Along the way is present a view overlooking the sea where you can admire an extraordinary vegetation and breathtaking corners of the Bay of Citara. But the scenario that lets literally open-mouthed is what you see from the lighthouse, the largest of the island, inaccessible outside of a gate. The view takes the entire Gulf of Gaeta and the Pontine Islands as well as Panza up to the Scannella in glace, in addition to those fabulous sunsets that fascinate every soul. The belvedere of Punta Imperatore is a corner of paradise from where you feel like flying…

How to reach Punta Imperatore

Starting from the village of Panza is recommended to choose one way rather than another depending on you move by car or on foot. For those who prefer to travel by car is recommended to take the Campotese road. The road is carriageable up to a point, from which, at 100 m walk is finally the belvedere of Punta Imperatore. So that you can embark on the path, you can park your car on the side of the road. For those who choose to move on foot you should go directly Via Costa, at two steps from the bus stop. Trafficking is served by the lines 1, CD, CS.

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