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House on Masso

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It is the symbol of the stone houses of the island of Ischia, the visitor crosses the highway that leads from Serrara Panza through the Ciglio perceives suddenly to its right, after a series of curves, which stands as a lookout on the sea against the horizon, on a huge rock that looks tuff should have rolled at any moment. They are unaware of its existence from a document from the State Archives of Naples dating back to 1607, which tells about "Ciglio with stone house" consists of a cellar dug deeply into the bottom, from the living areas at the top made tuff, a dry wall that encloses a yard, and access is via a narrow path that leads from the road to a wooden door. Its destination is changed several times in recent years: from home, a store of wine, a pizza restaurant. A few meters on the opposite side of the road, another "stone", with some additions made more modern aesthetic, but as always, perfectly camouflaged in the surrounding environment.

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