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Beach of Sorgeto

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Sorgeto is an islet, seat of a real thermal park in the open air. Boiling and mineral springs, sauna and therapeutical vapours, this is that one that Mother Nature gave the island of Ischia, nowadays at guests disposal to relax themselves.
Reachable via sea through stairs from the suburb of Panza, it's a real sigh of relief immersing into that mix of warm-cool, sweet-salt 'tasting' amazinf sunsets you can image. Take care to the boiling waters and rocks!
In one of the small basins where water flows, the islanders are used to cooking eggs, potatoes and seafood, a typical custom for centuries, as the archeological finds date back. The most charming characteristics of Sorgeto are having bath at the night, in the warm waters beneath a starry sky. You can relax and spend unforgettable moments also in cooler whather!

How to reach the beach

The bay of Sorgeto is situated in the municipality of Forio, just a short walk from Panza. With itsbus lines 1 – CD – CS – 23, you can reach only part of the zone by bus, the rest on foot. If you prefer to move by car, arrive near the bay, where you'll find a parking. Go down 200 stairs. From S. Angelo is possible to reach also the famous Taxi boats.
The bay, is not similiar to the other ones, but there are rocks and pebbles, often boiling.

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