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Il Germoglio association

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Association for the spread of Yoga and Eastern Culture

Yoga is practiced and widespread on the island of Ischia since 1985, by the Gianni Vuoso “germoglio” association. This year are still being followed (as long as weather conditions permit) with success and particular interest from Italian and foreign tourists, the sessions of Yoga - Pranayama and meditation, open to the public and free at dawn, every Sunday on the Pescatori beach in Ischia, encounters that close with a pleasant and invigorating bath in the clear waters of Mandra. The curiosity to discover the world of yoga, the pleasure of seeing the sun rise behind the island of Procida and the incomparable spectacle of its rays that stretch across the sea to the beach, the excitement of starting a new day and a new week full of energy, are the reasons that have encouraged many young and less young people to live a unique experience.


Yoga classes:
- in Ischia: Mondays and Thursdays from 17,30 to 19,00
- in Forio: Tuesdays from 18,30 to 20,00
Among other initiatives promoted by “germoglio”, we recommend vegetarian dinners, special courses in holistic therapies, conferences and meetings, excursions to explore the island.
► For further information contact Gianni
tel: +39 3388861333

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