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Towers itinerary

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"The towers represent the most interest attractions of Forio. They are large, small, consisting of two lines, internal and external. The external one overlooking the streets and beaches had also artillery".
The writer Giuseppe D’Ascia so wrote in his work "Storia dell'isola d'Ischia", in 1864.
Nowadays the visitor cannot arrive in Forio and remains charmed by the beautyof these buildings. Story of pirates, traditions and passion .
To the towers of the second half of the XVI century, other 5 ones. The system of defence was so strong and impeccable to define Forio as ‘Turrina’.
The circular towers are the more ancient than square ones. When you arrive to the port you can admire the imposing Torrione. Arrived in Ischia or at the port of Forio, we recommend starting the way to the right. In Via Marina, one of the many medieval streets, called Torrione, the visitor goes on just the Torrione’s entry.

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