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Beach of San Francesco

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The beach of San Francesco is situated just a short walk from the port of Forio; easy to reach by car and public transport.
To the right is surrounded by the promontory of Punta Caruso, destination for rocks and tranquillity keens.
This beach is suitable for who likes the water sports, the tourist settlements in sea and maybe dinner in a typical island restaurant, under the sunset and moonlight.

How to reach the beach

The beach of San Francesco is situtaed in the municipality of Forio. It's reachable by bus and car, driving the main street of the island.
To whoever prefers to move by bus, line 24, from Citara, stops just few minutes walk from the beach, while the lines 1 - 2 - CD - CS stop near the main street just 10 minutes away.
Not far away, you can leave your car at a secured parking

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