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City of Serrara Fontana

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This town takes its name from two main villages that comprise it, the one located on the southern summit of Mount Epomeo, and the other halfway. This town is called with a romantic simile, Switzerland of the island of Ischia, both for its mountain posture, both for the industry of his mountain sheep. These two villages are a brotherhood, and the joint nature, and the organic civil and military administration, divided into two parishes in the ecclesiastical branch.
These two villages in ancient times were not that busy campaign by farmers and shepherds, and had only one parish, and was that one of Fontana, the oldest part of the island. In the administrative side, with their small houses accessories, the other lands of this island from the town or castle of Ischia depend. As the population grew throughout the island and in process of time Serrara Fontana formed the third part.
In 1806 these two villages bought their administrative autonomy, and the consortium was raised to joint third class.
From a historical-geographical dictionary of 1802 we get that house on the island of Ischia Fontana joined withSerrano had a population of 700 souls.
Currently the population of the town meeting ascends, according to official statistics, to 1793 souls, but by collecting accurate information from authoritative sources, at 1869 inhabitants, who are divided into farmers, shepherds and landowners sea-settlers.
This town is bordered from the east met with the town of Forio, from noon to the sea and with the City of Testaccio, from the north with that of Casamicciola, in the west with that of Forio. Begins its territory to the Cross of the Colajacono at Ciglio, ends in the valley Bellarita in Moropano.
Today it has become common in the sixth grade, belonging to mandment of Ischia.

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