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City of Casamicciola

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The name of this town is full of contrasts. Solenandro called the quarter-Mezula House. Jasolino Casanizzola. In-House Aloysio Nisola saying that the name taken by a matron named Eritrese Nisula, who because crippled, was left there by the fugitives Eritresi, and healed virtue of mercy of these waters.
De Siano called her Casamice saying that this name is composed of two voices, one Greek and one Latin, Greek word mica means House, added after the first. Mica from the Latin Sordem lavat totam, imagery, arose from the fervid genius of the writer, alluding to the miraculous virtues of these waters, that arise therein, designed to remove and wash all ailments.
We do not accept any of the sources, because we think they are all apocryphal, and implausible or fantastic.
In regard we support the view that the old name, the name of Casamicciola, was given by those who first built the first house of pleasure, or home health in this country, became uninhabited and unnamed, that indicate it to the city where land was to dwell, called the Casa-in-IUSA, or casa-in island, Casanisula, etc..
The City of Ischia lies on the northern side of the island, at the foot of the severe side Epomeo, at the base of the pear and Catreca.
The name comes from Pera because from this place the peasants carried on their shoulders the clay, and the fagots at the marina of Casamicciola.
Catreca means locus asper. These are the etymologies of these other two districts dates by Ziccardi.
Throughout the southern extension of this municipality is backed by the chain of mountains and hills. On the northern side is bathed by the sea on the east bordering municipality of Ischia, in the west with that of Lacco, at noon with Barano.
Casamicciola is divided into two main parts: one is called Upper Casamicciola, the other Lower Casamicciola.
Upper Casamicciola includes within its reach all those lands in the hills that rise above the center of town, like those of the Stone, House-Moriello, Majo, Monte-House, House-Castagna, Castanita, Spur-house, etc…
Lower Casamicciola includes and S. Pasquale citizens, Perrone, the petroni, Piazza Bagni and Marina.
This city though was extended by mountainous terrain and hills, although it was provided and intersected by the most beautiful, comfortable and spacious streets of the island, nicely shaded by plane trees and acacias, is divided into many neighborhoods, in different buildings, some of which are planted on an enchanting hills, surrounded by vines and shrubs, while others built in romantic valleys, watered by the steamy mineral water, and shaded by coppice forests, and other points of focus in their industries, which are explained in a dignified disorder, on a tongue of land which forms the meandering beach lido.
Such a romantic and varied position of the City and the building so divided, is isolated, the town of Ischia resorts, recreational boating, the campaign for the stranger, and for the sick.
This country is made more beautiful because it presents in its different districts, varied scenes.

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