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Eduard Bargheer

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Bargheer, Eduard (1901-1979). German painter. In 1925 he won a scholarship for a trip to Italy and he was intrigued. In 1935 he came for the first time in Ischia and settled in Sant'Angelo, where he entered into friendship with compatriot Werner Gilles. In 1939 he moved to Forio took up painting mostly fishermen and farmers, and broke away only during exhibitions in Italy and abroad. "He love the island and explore the piercing eye of the artist, paradigmatically proposing to express a disturbing relationship with nature and men. He take advantage of all the resources of the medium and obtained results of exceptional value, sensitive to the influence of the great movements of the pictorial 900 scans with all his creative possibilities that are offered and find the best solutions to make in terms appropriate to the complexity of his inner world. Eduardo wrote P. P. Zivelli lived among us, farmers, fishermen, artisans, imbibing our culture, interpreting and enhancing it with his art”. In 1948 the municipality of Forio awarded him honorary citizenship. On the facade of the church of S. Maria di Loreto you can admire a mosaic donated to his country. Forio and the Isle remember him often with exhibitions of his works.

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