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Here is the good life, here is the quality of life! That's why people choose us!

As in this month of October, when Ischia, after the summer crowds, back to being the perfect place to stay and fell better. A place to return the balance to anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of its climate and the miraculous healing powers of its thermal waters.

Back to Ischia for a holiday in early autumn is an opportunity to discover its most secret and intimate aspects: the wide and sunny beaches bathed by its clean and temperate sea, the restful pinewoods and fertile fields where the green hills and rocky crags of Epomeo invite invigorating walks and hikes.

It is time to regenerate due to the famous “gold mines”, the hot springs, each with its own characteristics and healing properties, useful to give back strength and vigor to your body. But Ischia is also famous for its mud baths, valid for the treatment of rheumatic and gynecology.

The use of thermal waters on the island dates back to the first few years of the seventeenth century, when from several European nations began to flock in search of cures. It was the beginning of tourism on the island.

Over 300 hotels, mostly with their own spas and hot pools, are an advanced reality in Europe. The traditional treatments are now accompanied by massages, physical therapy and corrective exercises and rehabilitation, as by a growing tendency, the spa has become a place of recovery and mental well-being of the individual. So also on the island rose hotels that combine best-equipped beauty farm, spa baths with fitness, nutrition care, beauty treatments. Exploiting all the benefits of a healthy environment and ecologically sound, able to promote a peaceful and pleasant holiday.

The island of Ischia is also the only place in the world where nature and human effort have created the wonders that are the thermal parks, open until the end of October, in the most scenic island , offering visitors swimming pools of different temperatures, set in lush gardens, equipped with private beaches, spa departments for traditional treatments of good quality.

Suggestive is the tale of the myth that gives origin to the numerous healing thermal waters of Ischia. The mythology tells about a conspiracy against Zeus, ideated by Gaea, who triggered against the Titans, the giant monsters, born from the blood of Uranus, who had enormous snakes for legs. From Campi Flegrei, where they lived, began their ascent to Olympus, hurling rocks and burning trees. The monsters would have won the battle if Zeus had not called for help a mortal, Hercules, semi-divine hero who, with cunning, defeated them, chaining each under a volcano from which they continue to erupt their anger: Enceladus under Etna and Typhon, the most terrible monster, under Ischia. Typhon continued to squirm under-earth, giving tremendous shakes and crying constantly. Juno, annoyed by his crying, promised Typhon the Jupiter’s forgiveness and anything else as long as he stopped crying. The giant agreed on condition that his tears were turned into healthy waters and his legs into branches. The Typhon’s request was accepted by Zeus, and so the tears were turned into giant hydrothermal springs on the island of Ischia and his feet, scary snakes before, became the vine branches that gave origin to the wine capital of the island. Many beneficial effects of the Ischia thermal waters, like fertility, according to mythology, brought about the birth of Aphrodite, because its radioactive waters mingled with the sea, fertilized by the Typhon’s genitals, Uranus’son.

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