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Horse riding on mount Epomeo


A must for those wish to visit Ischia, known as an island of land. Seemingly Ischia seems an unattainable destination, where the lush vegetation with the green tuff, creates a place of meditation and energy.
From here you are on cloud a nine, immense at sunset, with colors of orange and its nuances to paint the skyline. With the finger you can touch all the points, outlining the perimeter of the island. Glance at Capri and the Sorrento peninsula, Pozzuoli, the Domitian coast. Here also Ponza and Ventotene. You can follow the ‘boot’ (so-called Italy) out of sight until the Circeo.
Reaching Epomeo with pack animals is a tradition that has been repeated from generation to generation for years Suffice it to say that while in Lacco Ameno Angelo Rizzoli was already talking about tourism, the population of Serrara was still rural. They walked on foot and often the main means of transport were donkeys and horses. There was only one coach that ran twice a day. During the summer, when farmers didn’t work the land, the men took to the streets with the animals and guided the tourists on Mount Epomeo. Then there was the donkey man that tasked of ensuring order and establishing priorities. It was a sought-after role, that often it was cause of quarrel. The visits were so frequent that people took turns at doing it. From dusk until dawn people could get on and off up to eleven times.
The meeting point is at the square of the gift shop Miscillo at 19.00. Appropriate timetable for enjoying the sunset avoiding saunas. And there that you will choose the four-legged traveling companions: Conchita, Gianna, Jessy As guide, the friends of Epomeo in the saddle. Special Cicero: Agostino Iacono. He with Giuseppe Zabatta and Eugenio Iacono found this association. To help them, the young Cristian, Emmanuel, Giuseppe, and even some girls, like Yolanda, Ilaria, Silvia and Teresa.
Along the way, while Conchita insistently tries to eat grass, we cross the forest of chestnut trees that serves as umbrella with bushy hair. We also note the silver poplar, the oaks. Not far away, there is the first viewpoint and a few brooms, which colors the green area in June of a deep yellow. These places make me immediately think of the tasty "Menesta Maretata" of Mrs. Mercede, who you will find at the Epomeo bar in Serrara. She keeps the wise peasant culture. The secret of this goodness is contained in a mixture of wild herbs with unknown names such as u 'Papagno', 'cinagular', a canteen, tunz 'and paparastiell'.
The stop is just before the summit where there is the oldest church of the island dedicated to St. Nicola di Bari dug into the tuff. Beside there is the chapel renovated and enlarged in 1754 by Giuseppe D'Argouth, at that time captain of the Aragonese Castle, which survived the attack of enemy soldiers by voting and retreating with his comrades in arms here, where he died on August 17, 1778.
Going on to the highest point, waiting for the sun dips and disappears on the horizon, is something sensational. Agostino sits astride on the rocks in a natural honeycomb, shaped by time It is evident that this place belongs to him, that this green, the smell of fresh air, the sounds of the forest fill the eye and heart. He wants to revive this place, to engage young people, to restore the traditions. We begin the descent at 21.00 p.m. Despite the hour, the thought of waiting for the dawn flashed through my mind, sleeping at least one night on Mount Epomeo, just like several years ago, is something really enticing…

Useful info

Via Epomeo, 22 - 80070 - Serrara Fontana (NA)
tel.: +39 081999566 / +39 3284612073 - 3332521882
On request, a shuttle will pick you up from the center of Serrara and will drive you to Miscillo souvenirs.


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