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Magic Autumn


The autumn is a magic season, very intense. After that the summer has carried away its heat and the frenzy of the parties and shows that make us confused and stunned, we regain our spaces, our time of our inner world.


In calm and serenity, we admire the nature around us, that is full of life, with its interchange of clouds, sun and wind. A trend nature, that involves ourself and to which we lapse into it, as we are aware it regenerate us in mind and body. The Autumn is not the season of sadness and gloom beacause the trees are leafless and winter coming soon. Insteead it's important to understand when the change arrives through fine power.

We are more living and in this case we feel the necessary to search new ways, mountain, country, holm oaks and chestnuts. For all people love walks in the open-air, the island offers much more, for all its bounds. In the inland part of the island, this wounderful world, unknown for many people islanders and tourists, we find a new dimension, not chaotic or enervating, but a moment of research of ourself and our roots.

The most important autumn event is the harvest, the country full of people and merry voices. One entire year is awarded with the grape-harvest, the pressing, the must smell that is in the air and melts into the saltiness. Also woods liven up with people that wait the first rains and then many people 'go hunting' for mushrooms and husks, that fall off. It's important to search with stiks among the dry leaves, while the perfumes of the land enhance the senses. Baskets full of chestnuts are always present and often the smell-mushrooms flows in the air, at least for the experts. But just as well. Exploraring wild places is always good and pleasant, even if we come back home empty-handed. Inside the paths, we find hundreds of caves built in the tufo rock, full of tunnels, clefts and webbeds. Large barrels of durmast are witnesses to the fact that 'the vine' is still an integral part of our peasant culture. all around there are dry-stone walls built with tuff rock and between the vineyards and olive tree groves, 'stand' stone and country houses.

Scattered ruins, covered by grass, appear like temples, beautiful and faschinating as weel their sorrow. In these places still unpolluted, there are arboreal essences that give unforgettable perfumes and atmospheres. But, this real special island never ceases to amaze us! Just out the streets of the center, we dive into the past walking alleys where it seems to hear women's voices, which in the past stayed out of houses telling ghost and werewolfs stories. In the common hills, it's possible to meet real characters, little old men seat down on the flower beds, they like to communicating and tell ancient stories. The autumn is magic, bacause is the season of the self-examination and cogitation. The eternal cycle of death and life that changes and evolves itself in with time.

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