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Piano Liguori: the trail of the soul

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Description of the trail

Trail totally sheer on the south / east of the island, the oldest one from a geological point of view. The route starts along the beautiful Bay of Cartaromana at the end of which you can still see the remains of "AENARIA" the old Roman Ischia submerged. It continues for a easy path sheer on various creeks in which are steep terraces planted with vineyards. It continues between the Mediterranean maquis and a chestnut up to Monte Vezzi, a volcanic dome of 392 mt. The descent from the summit leads up to the "Scarrupata of Barano" whose walls show fine examples of stratified volcanic materials (tuff, pumice, lava, white ash, trachyte rock) and from which you can enjoy one the most gorgeous spots of the green island, until returning to Piana Liguori and enjoy the view over Punta San Pancrazio with the characteristic church overlooking the sea. On the way, you can meet old cellars dug into the rock and you can also stop in an old inn located on one of the many terraces in the area overlooking the beautiful scenery of the open sea with the other islands of the Gulf (Procida, Vivara and Capri) and the Amalfi Coast. This completes the tour with the return to Campagnano.
The succession of breathtaking views of the Gulf of Naples, cultivated fields with vineyards and fruit trees, overlooking the open sea, offer an experience that leaves space for the mind and soul to rest the body.


Duration: approximately 4 hours (calculated on average not including stops)
Difficulty: T/E
Difference in altitude: 230 m about
Descent about 230m
Maximum altitude: 392 m
Development of the trail: 6 Km
Start: Campagnano
Arrival: Campagnano
Path: Campagnano, Piano Liguori, Monte Vezzi, Scarrupata, Piano Liguori, Campagnano.
Equipment: Technical mountain equipment (hiking boots, poles, etc.), hat,
sunglasses, water.
Arrival point: Piazza di Campagnano, fraction of Ischia



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