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Between sources and volcanoes

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Description of the trail

It starts from a riding stables in Fiaiano and climb Mount Toppo, volcanic pick covered with a deep green sea typical of this island side and a large index of floristic richness. Take the path that goes up to the valley of Buceto, where there is a source of the same name, the first stretch is accompanied by the remains of the old aqueduct that captured the water from the source and leads to the village of Celsa (current Ischia Ponte). Given the strong position of this first section the predominant vegetation is typical of the Mediterranean maquis, distinguished by the fragrant essences of myrtle enriched by the aromas of wild mint and thyme. Enter in a forest of chestnut trees at the foot of Mount Trippodi (502 m asl), until you get to Piana San Paolo, old fossil beach, witness of the past submerged part of the island. Abandoning the forest and began the descent, the landscape opens, offering a glimpse complete the Gulf of Naples, with the flegree islands, the Campi Flegrei, Vesuvius and Mounts Lattari. It is the path of Buttavento, on the Costa Sparaina, which stands on a volcanic dome, which leads to Candiano fraction of Buonopane, where there is a centuries-old oak tree, silent witness to the passing of time. Along this stretch there are also a number of cellars dug into the soft rock, which highlight the strong interconnection between the natural and the man-made landscape. The course ends with the arrival in Buonopane (fraction of Forio of Ischia) and a visit to the source and the spa complex of Nitrodi.


Duration: 4 h
Difficulty: E
Difference in altitude: 300 m
Descent: 300 m
Maximum altitude: 500 m
Development of the trail: 6 Km
Partenza: Fiaiano (Maneggio dei Cavalli)
Arrival: Barano (Nitrodi source)
Path: Buceto Source Piano San Paolo, Buttavento, sentiero delle ginestre, Costa Sparaina, Candiano, Buonopane, Nitrodi.
Equipment: trekking shoes and clothing, water.
Match point: Panza (Pro Loco seat) and shuttle up to Fiaiano



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