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Cesare Calise

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About the painter Cesare Calise we have a few news and many of his paintings were destroyed. Cesare Calise by some historians, was deemed Lecce-born but was actually born in Forio.
His activity is documented from 1588 to 1641, as evidenced by the contracts signed by him and the parish registers. Mannerist painter, ha d an evil destiny, because most of his work has been destroyed or badly restored, as in the case of Our Lady of Mysteries in the Church of Barano. Other his works are: Our Lady of Loreto, S. Nicola da Tolentino, triptych of the Madonna delle Grazie and the Saints Vito and Catherine of Alexandria, Martyrdom of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Our Lady of the Rosary and the fifteen mysteries.
All paintings are signed Calise in Latin "Caesar Calensis pingebat"

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