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Dott. Tommaso Cigliano

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tommaso-ciglianoBorn in Forio on August 3, 1842 and graduated in 1866 as a surgeon and specialized in homeopathy participating in the Third War of Independence, as a medical officer. He wrote several works on homeopathy taking part in several international congresses, in 1895 was established the chair of homeopathy at the University of Naples and the first to occupy the chair was just the Cigliano. In 1896 he was elected Consigliere Provinciale for the District of Forio and obtained the provincialization of the road of Ischia-Forio.
He died in Naples in 1913, that Naples which gave him a place in the fence of the illustrious men. His forian residence is the ancient Cigliano palace, where even today, on the side of the tower stands an angel holding a banner, which read: "Similia similibus".

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