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About Terme Fiola

The spa Fiola are among the oldest on the island of Ischia, its natural springs belong to the basin of Gurgitello known since the days of Pliny the Younger (98 AD). At the heart of the historic source of Gurgitello, prodigious, for the wonderful achievements of centuries of care, with the use of mineral waters and its mud. The water is highly radioactive, hyperthermal, alkaline odorless, clear to 85 ° C. At SPA V. FIOLA may find beneficial: rheumatism-arthritis-synovitis-effects of fractures and traumatic lesions catarrh-sterility-abnormal genital-respiratory diseases.


Le Terme Fiola have a good organization in the field of sludge. The patient in special dressing is applied to the mud on the required side and then covered with a tarp to prevent the rapid loss of heat. Customers are supervised by trained personnel and medical personnel throughout the treatment period. The Spa Fiola is affiliated with the National Health Service.

Beauty Treatments

The thermal waters of Gurgitello use the following elements: Thermal baths, mud and subtotals, inhalation and aerosol inhalations, hydro-massage. After a long period of work, when you are stressed, your body needs a recovery psychosomatic basis, so the thermal waters are good for that need. Beauty treatments, aimed at restoring and maintaining the physiological conditions of the skin of the face, neck and body in general.

Treatments in agreement with the S.S.N.

Therapeutic mud baths, inhalations and aerosols, natural caves, thermal baths.
calendar_16From March 29 to December 31
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Stabilimento termale convenzionato National Health Service Spa
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Via Ombrasco, 19
+39 081994502
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