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Giacomo-DeuringerNaples by birth (1920), Ischian by maternal lineage, has always had a great love for Ischia and has developed an intense activity for the island. From 1952 to 1956 he was director of EVI, until April 1964 and then president of the organization itself, significantly contributing to setting and problem solving, as well as the tourism and economic development, in a period that saw just the realization of many works. He founded and directed the monthly Ischia l’Isola Verde (1949-1952) and the fortnightly, along with Saverio Barbati, The Gulf (1953-1954), and then Letter from Ischia (1962), title taken after various times, in 1959 he published a Guide of Ischia island; provident to establish the necklace publications the Notebooks of the green island. To him we owe also the establishment of the Friends of the island of Ischia and the Nautical Club of Forio. He has held important posts also employed by the Italian Radio and Television.

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