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Mon. Giovanni Regine

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In 1902, after thirty-one years of teaching and spiritual guidance seminar held in Ischia, Giovanni Regine was appointed Bishop of Nicastro. Interest that important diocese for sixteen years, leaving an indelible mark among the people of Calabria for the tireless pastoral activity, the ceaseless industry, social initiatives (especially in the earthquake that struck the Calabria in 1908) and the Government of Church (proclaimed an important Synod in 1911, the 340 decrees are collected in a book of exceptional interest ecclesiastical and theological). During the First World War, Msgr. He was appointed Archbishop of Trani and Barletta by Pope Pius X. Hard in high office just two years: the plague that was raging in the city of Trani caught him as he lavished among the sick, regardless of the dangers and with all the ardor of his religious ministry and Social Committee (4 October 1918). The venerable remains were moved to his native land, in Forio, where he never ceased to reside in the summer months or during rest periods, and buried in the Basilica of Santa Maria di Loreto.

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