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Onofrio Buonocore

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Onofrio-Buonocore(Ischia 1870-1960). Came to light in the Villa dei Bagni, at the age of fifteen he entered the seminary, where he treated his preparation by constant study and passionate. He was ordained priest in 1897 and began to teach Latin and Greek, never abandoning his aspiration to pursue higher education in his favorite subjects, at a time when the church authorities were not as likely to allow priests to the frequency of the universities. It strove constantly to the increase of the public schools on the island, as well as for the culture in general. In 1915, it was his initiative to open a school and thus was born the Vittoria Colonna (housed in the convent of St. Antonio), where students flocked from all over the island. In 1939 he opened the Istituto Magistrale Ferrante d'Avalos operating until 1949, when it was created a senior high school. Established the Library Antoniana. In 1944, with other friends, he founded the Center for Studies of the island of Ischia, which held the presidency until 1958. He was the author of numerous publications on the island of Ischia, as well as director of periodic success (La Cultura, especially with historical themes, and La Vedetta del Golfo): La storia di uno scoglio (1956), Il più bel fiore d'Enaria (1905), Nuptialia Isclana (1907), La Diocesi d'Ischia (1948), and various others. Known his encouragement to the young generation to know the land, to be able to love.

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