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Luigi Patalano

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Luigi Patalano, writer, politician and poet, was born in Forio in 1869. He began his classical studies and after graIn 1890 he founded and directed the magazine Pro Patria. Political and scientific magazine. Radical journal that welcomes socialists and republicans, and which presents itself as "a magazine of the highest cultural level and particularly incisive line republican Mazzini and in open opposition to the monarchy" (D'Ambra, p. 11). Author of poems, psychological diaries and historical works now dispersed, established working relationship and friendship with Cavallotti, Bovio and Ibriani.
In 1893 he founded and directed along the geographer Ferdinando Corsari the scientific literature and politics Press always with a critical and failure aspect, with a long process for the friend Corsari. Patalano courageously defended him in his many writings, including "Ferdinando Corsari and a Masonic trial". In 1889 and 1894, for his journalistic activities, undergoes two sentences by the Court of Naples for libel.
Owner of Mezzatorre, in this castle in tower shape writes Pathogenesis of a municipality, a historical and social issue in which shows some impressions of city life. Friend of the sculptor and poet Giovanni Maltese, had a fraternal relationship even Giovanni Verde, son of the doctor Mattero Verde, another famous Forian character. He died in Forio in 1954.

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