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Free to move on the island of Ischia

sorgeto-sant-angeloThe Island of Ischia is the largest island of the three ones around the Gulf of Naples.

It’s famous for the luxuriant flora, by mountains sides up to the deep gorges, for this reason called the Green Island. And island to admire for its very suggestive landscapes. And it, Monte Epomeo,characterized by green tuffs, that imposing, seems to protect the Island. On the top, it’s possible to admire a unique and breathtaking view of the Gulf of Naples. Follow the old paths and walks, in the shadow of our woods, as a sheer drop from the cliff to the sea.

To the South West of the island Bosco dei Frassitelli (Frassitielli Wood)rises, a wood with acacia and unique for position and vegetation. To the North, along green slopes, you arrive in the splendidBosco della Falanga (Falanga Wood), where it’s easy to find wild rabbits, hawks and collect mushrooms and chestnuts in Autumn. The Falanga is also rich in history, marine finds, to demonstrate that the island has come up from the sea and the Monte Epomeo formation is the result of the magma force. The men marks are visible, in fact, it’s possible to bump into the famous Case di Pietra (Houses of Stone), dug into the rock. These settlements are a clear example of a rural architecture like some builds show,'La Pietra Mosca', 'La Casa sul Masso', 'La Casa di Pietra del Cuotto', 'La Casa Greca', set near the Sorgeto Bay.

Gold mines, in this way the doctor Jasolino called the thermal springs of the island. A miraculous spring,Nitrodi, with its healthy waters take part in this Mediterranean atmosphere. Particularly interesting is the Fumarole phenomenon, vapor jets coming from the subsoil thanks to the volcanic activity of the island. In Ischia, this phenomenon can be seen from the Spiaggia delle Fumarole (Fumarole Beach), near to Sant'Angelo. This excursion is ideal to who wants to make the so called sunbaths, covering with sand your body, except for head. Suitable for rheumatic diseases. Finally a characteristic aspect of Fumarole is cooking (eggs, chicken and potatoes) using the high sand temperatures. The Bay of Sorgeto, with volcanic rocks, boil and mineral springs, sauna and therapeutic vapors, all in a charming and wild scenery.

And the charm to be continued… The show of the Island coasts is majestic, especially to the South side, boasting a country-crib on the sea, Sant'Angelo, ancient fishermen suburb, with its houses dug into the rock, in a real peaceful and unpolluted oasis. Forio,ancient small town rich in wide beaches, picturesque streets, and ancient and Mediterranean architecture. the towers,raised to defend against pirate invasions. The most important towers areIl Torrione', 'La Torre Costantina', 'La Torre di Umberto', 'Il Torone', During the pirates attacks, people found refuge on the islet of the Castello Aragonese, located in the municipality of Ischia. There, the town rises, while the rest of the island, called ‘Isola Grande’, was populated by small villages and people felt the frequent invasion’ danger and the quakes and eruptions fear. So, a small suburb come up, the Borgo di Celsa.Just a short-walk, the island offers a real green oasis. Four pinewoods, Nancy Bozzi, pineta degli Artisti e delle Orchidee, degli Atleti e Mirtina,rich in pines and hundred-year old oaks. Finally, Ischia offers to own guests a breathtaking panorama thanks to the amazing viewpoints, like Serrara, Giardino Esotico, San Nicola and Soccorso!

Called the Sun Month, June is the month of relax and wellness! Every beach of the island has an own charm, Cava dell’Isolafor example, is a beach for young and sportspersons with a beach volley zone, andCitara, a large bay in the greenery where you can admire the sunset, an amazing show of Forio.San Francesco, a romantic beach, dug into a stone of Punta Caruso, an outsized lava flow recommended for adventurous spirits because of its wild nature that makes it one of the most beautiful areas of the island. But if you have travelled so much to arrive to the South, that's it! Maronti,an idyllic spot of sun and sea and moreSan Montano, charming inlet characterized by fine sand and deep waters.Going on to East, among the most panoramic beaches of the island with a Castello Aragonese view colloca Cartaromana is set and to the North beach of Inglesi. In addition to these ones, so much more beaches are waiting for you!

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